Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 080

21/March/2015, Day 080.  Saturday.

Today was another busy day!  We woke up early, (for a Saturday), and drove down to Central City Park in Macon for some pink pancakes.  These are served up today and next Saturday as part of the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held every year around this time to celebrate the blooming of the yoshino cherry trees.  We happen to live just down the street from "cherry blossom central", which is none other than the Fickling Farm, where cherry trees line Rivoli Drive and Northside Drive all along the farm's property line.  These pictures we took from prior years may give you an indication of what it looks like:


We even have a group of cherry trees right outside our subdivision:

Sometimes the wisteria and asaleas bloom at the same time, which is extraordinarily lovely:

 Okay ..... enough cherry tree appreciation!

After our pancake breakfast we drove up I-75 towards McDonough, to go to Babies-R-Us.  This was an expensive trip: we purchased lots and lots and lots of baby food for Dodong, as well as some other necessities.  Total cost was about $200.00, which went straight to our beleaguered American Express credit card.

After a brief diversion to T.J.Maxx we headed home, unloaded our newly purchased goodies, then headed over to Publix for some weekly food purchases.  Back home from that shopping trip Grump cut the grass, (and - good grief! - got sunburned! - in March!!), then came in to help Sweetie. 

It was obvious, even to Grump, that Sweetie was suffering from exhaustion.  Grump bribed her to go to bed and take a nap by promising to take her out to dinner.  She took him up on his offer, crawled into bed, and promptly fell asleep!

Sweetie slept for 45 minutes or so.  After she awoke, we all got cleaned up a bit, then headed out to one of her favorite restaurants, a Japanese place called Taki.  (By the way, "taki" in Bisaya means something like "poop", or so Sweetie tells me!)  We had a yummy dinner, which dinged the credit card another $60.00.

Never underestimate the cost of raising two or more children!  Besides the obvious, (diapers, food, school costs, etc.), two or more children exact a wear and tear on your body and mind which seem best relieved by expensive things such as eating out at a good restaurant.  Yes children are priceless, which is a good thing, because they sure drain your finances!

Now it is late.  Everyone but the Old Grump is peacefully sleeping, and Grump will be joining them soon too.  Goodnight all!

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