Monday, November 21, 2016

18/November/2016 - Lazy Friday

It was a lazy, lazy Friday!  We didn't do too much, which was fine as far as Grump was concerned.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened was that Dodong was banging around the non-functional singing Santa Claus, when suddenly Santa began to move his mouth and sing!  It scared the heck out of Dodong, but it was funny as heck!

The Singing Santa, in a quiet moment

Since it was a weekday, Kuya still had to go to school.

Sweetie, a crying Dodong, and Kuya, at Kuya's school desk

I don't know why, but Dodong did a lot of wailing today.  Maybe he wasn't quite over the cold he had earlier in the week?

Cry, cry Dodong!

As the next photo shows, Sweetie makes an excellent pillow:

Sweetie the pillow

Grump is but a very poor substitute for Sweetie's squishy softness:

Grump is a poor pillow

Grump also wants me to add that he got a short nap, which as always was the highlight of his day.

Peace, y'all!

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