Sunday, November 27, 2016

24/November/2016 - Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Day finally rolled around again.  We celebrated at home this year with some friends and family, and a turkey breast purchased from Krogers.  Sweetie cooked some bihon, fish, and camotes to add to the feast.  In accordance with tradition, we all overate.

I'd love to share some pics with you, but as you know our various iPhones have been seized by the boys, particularly Dodong.  But I did get a few pics early in the morning, before the festivities started.

Kuya started the day like he does most non-school days, by cuddling up with the iPad, (which he now calls HIS iPad!).

Kuya and HIS iPad

With the recent cold weather, our tender plants have been moved into their winter quarters in the garage, where they will struggle to survive the winter.  Some will make it; some won't.

Tender plants struggling to survive in the garage

Lola's squash vine has already been zapped by the cold.  I wonder if any of the fruits, (squashes), will ripen now?

A cold damaged squash vine

A squash fruit that didn't ripen in time

Thanksgiving is of course a time for giving thanks for all the joys and happiness that come into our lives, and this year, like every year, we had lots and lots and lots and lots to be thankful for.

We all hope that your Thanksgiving was as joyous as ours, and that your holiday season is off to a wondrous start!


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