Saturday, November 26, 2016

22/November/2016 - Work, Work, Work!

Work, work, work, and more work!

Okay, it's not that bad, but Old Grump was stuck at work for the second day in a row.  (And he'll also be there tomorrow, God willing and the creek don't rise.)  Neither he nor his colleagues were all that excited to be there, as it's Holiday season now, but there are bills to be paid, (yuck!), so as Snow White's dwarves once sang:

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho (It's Off To Work We Go)"

..... or something like that.  (YouTube seems to have more versions of the song with "it's HOME from work we go" as lyrics.  Odd, huh?)

I guess the breaking news was that, after waiting more than a month, Old Grump finally got paid for some affiliate sales.  This is his first time ever making money on the internet as an affiliate marketer, so he is kinda excited about it, even if the amount he was paid is paltry.

On a more somber note, you'll have to excuse the paucity of photos in recent posts.  The cause is Dodong's sudden intense interest in Old Grump's iPhone, which until recently has been the source of most pics.  But now we'll simply have to get by with verbiage.


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