Saturday, November 26, 2016

23/November/2016 - Pre-Turkey Day

While today was Hump Day, even more significantly it was the day before Thanksgiving, a national holiday here in the American Empire.  Because of this, Grump got off early from work, and made the long drive home before dark.  (He hasn't gotten home from work before dark since Daylight Savings Time mandated that the clocks be turned back one hour.)

Once home, Grump's job was to watch the kiddies while Sweetie and Lola cooked.  He did this by hiding with them in the upstairs office, playing on the desktop computer whilst the boys played with their iPads and iPhones.  

As I stated yesterday, there is a dearth of photos at the moment due to Dodong commandeering Grump's iPhone.  We take most of our pics with Grump's iPhone, so until this situation is resolved not every day will have pics.  Instead, you will be forced to read these words.  

What you could do in the meantime is check out this cool gun, which shoots salt to kill flies:

..... or this t-shirt, which Grump wants for Christmas:

Because isn't that what the spirit of Christmas is all about anyway, namely, buying all sorts of stuff like a good consumer so that we can keep this bubble of an economy inflated for just a little bit longer?  


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