Tuesday, November 22, 2016

21/November/2016 - Back to (yuck!) Work

It was another icky Monday, and y'all know what that means: Old Grump had to wake up before dawn and make the long, long drive to his job on the other side of the state.  But until we find some other way to make money, (as Amazon affiliates?  www.arph001.com/amazon is one of our affiliate links.  Check it out!), Grump will have to continue to make the drive.

They've remodeled the place where he works.  Instead of cubicles we now have this icky "open floor" plan:

Grump's new "desk"

Grump works at what is basically a fancy card table.  Sure, you can raise it up or down with the push of a button, but it still feels like working at a table instead of a desk.  This is progress?

It will be interesting to see how friggin' loud it will be at this place once everyone gets back from the holidays.  Why do large bureaucracies always do such stupid things?

May your day be wonderfully free of bureaucratic follies!  Peace!

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