Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30/November/2016 - Storms!

The heavy rain of yesterday continued, with the weather getting worse, with bad storms and excessive winds.  A tornado touched down in Atlanta in the afternoon, and here in Columbus the winds were swirling dark clouds in a circular motion around the sky in the mid-afternoon.


But life carried on.  Kuya got his act together, and did very well on his school work.  Grump showed up for his job more-or-less on time, and managed not to be fired for another day.  Dodong played, climbed, and jumped like the daredevil he is.  Sweetie watched over and hollered at the boys whilst supervising Kuya's homeschooling.  And moving quietly unnoticed in the background, Lola worked diligently to keep everything together.

It was basically a normal weekday.

Grump did decide to start posting on his blog again.  Here was a pic he attempted to take of some tea, that didn't turn out so well:

After work Grump and two other obsolete old computer guys, Venerable Watson and Bits-n-Bytes Spina, went Cheddars in north Columbus GA for dinner.

They all ate way too much, and Venerable Watson and Old Grump ate very spicy meals too, which probably means that neither of them will sleep well tonight.  Oh well ...... worse things could happen.


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