Tuesday, November 22, 2016

20/November/2016 - Church, Part 2

So what can you say about a day where the BIG EVENT was going to church, for the second day in a row?

I suppose if you're a good person, you'd say that's wonderful!  But if you're an old grump ...... well, we won't worry about what old grumps think, okay?

Sweetie dressed up all three of her boys in dark pants and white shirts, and attempted to take their picture.  This sequence of pics may illustrate how futile it sometimes is to get all the boys to behave long enough to snap a pic.

Grump has Kuya, and is attempting to grab Dodong

Trying to settle everybody down for the pic

Probably the best shot

Kuya and Dodong are getting restless

Oh no!  Dodong escapes!

As I stated above, we went to church this morning, this time to the Filipino American Christian Fellowship in south Macon, in the basement of the Avondale Baptist Church.

After worship service we had a very nice luncheon buffet at the church, then came home to ....... well, Grump was hoping to catch a quick nap, but Sweetie had some shopping to do, so off to go shopping she, Grump, and Dodong went.

In the late afternoon / early evening all five of us, (Lola, Grump, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong), went to Mama Sue's house to have an early pre-Thanksgiving dinner with her and her family.  Then it was back home so the Old Grump could go to bed early, to prepare for waking up way too early to drive to work tomorrow.


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