Monday, February 16, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 047

16/February/2015, Day 047.  Monday.

We got a sad early morning text: Lolo had died!

As you can imagine, all is in a flurry here at the moment.  We rushed to get Lola airplane tickets back to Mindanao.  This is a painful and costly event!

Ruperto Cabrera Flores:  27/March/1952  -  16/February/2015.  May you rest in peace, Lolo!

Lolo was proud of his fighting roosters.  He would have felt at home in Columbia, SC, home of the Gamecocks.  

He never got to meet Dodong, (who, by the way, was named after him), at least here on Earth.  But he did meet Kuya, and Lolo will be in our hearts as long as we still draw breath.

I wonder how he and Angel are getting along?

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