Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 048

17/February/2015, Day 048.  Tuesday.

We all woke up early so we could drive up to Atlanta to take Lola to the airport for her flight to the Philippines.  Because it was due to a death in the family, Grump was able to take the day off work as "bereavement", rather than using up another vacation day.

We got to the Altanta airport early, which was a good thing; there was a problem with Lola's tickets.  Apparently the place Grump purchased them from, ( http://www.cheapoair.com/ ), required voice confirmation for the purchase, and they had been calling Grump, but he had not been answering his cellphone.  After a tense hour or so all was straightened out, and Lola had her tickets.  I do think Cheap O Air is a good site to purchase tickets from, but be available for call backs after your purchase, else you may encounter the same problems we did. 

We got Lola on her flight, then headed back home, after a brief stop at the Babies R Us in McDonough, GA, to buy some baby food for Dodong.

Back home, we went to the back to withdraw EVEN MORE MONEY, (Grump is VERY stressed about this!), to send to the folks back in Mindanao who are busy with all the preparations for Lolo's funeral.  

Yes, Lolo is gone, and it is very sad, but in our home, we all miss Lola already, because she was here with us, and she helped us so, so much in keeping Dodong and Kuya occupied and happy, cleaning dishes and doing laundry, and just all the crucial little things that kept this crazy circus running for the last few months.  I don't know how we are gonna get by without her!

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