Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a LIfe / Day 056

25/February/2015, Day 056.  Wednesday.

Sweetie is very sad.  They will be burying Lolo in the Philippines Thursday morning at 9:00 am, which is 10:00 pm our time tonight.  (We are a day behind the Philippines.)  

The finality of his death is hitting home.  Lolo is gone.  Rest in peace, Lolo!

Sweetie hasn't been sleeping well ever since she got news of Lolo's death, and once Dodong got ill she hasn't been getting hardly any sleep at all.  As always, I am in awe of Sweetie's ability to function despite chronic sleep deprivation.  If Old Grump doesn't get at least seven hours of sleep, he's a grumbly, miserable mess!

Speaking of Grump, he got a lot of sleep last night, so he was in good mood, or at least as good a mood as an old grump is capable of.  He wasn't even mad about Kuya's school antics.

What were Kuya's school antics?  I'm glad you asked!

While at work, Grump received a phone call from Kuya's teacher, saying Kuya wasn't feeling well, and needed to go home.  Grump emailed his boss that he would have to be absent from work for a bit, then drove over to the school to get Kuya.  When Grump arrived Kuya was with one of the assistant teachers; she told Grump that Kuya had complained about a sore stomach, and was acting like he was going to vomit in the garbage can.

So Grump took Kuya home.  Once back home, Sweetie heated up his lunch for him, and Kuya ate it just fine.  In fact, he didn't seem to be ill in the slightest!

It is now evening.  After playing with his toys all afternoon, Kuya happily ate his dinner, then played with Dodong for a bit before using Sweetie's text pad to watch YouTube videos.  (But not Grump's video, which isn't proving to be all that popular.  Drats!)   Hardly the behavior of someone who was too sick to stay in school!   

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