Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 053

22/February/2015, Day 053.  Sunday.

Wow!  What a rough week this has been!

On Monday, Sweetie's Papa died.  This was a tragic, unexpected death.  Lolo, you were a great guy; we'll all miss you!

On Tuesday we drove Lolo to the Atlanta airport, then after a tense hour or so on phone with the ticket agent, we were able to get the problems with her tickets to the Philippines resolved.  Phew!   

Wednesday arrived without problems, but by nighttime Dodong was feeling ill.  He did not sleep well, so neither did Sweetie or Grump.  By Thursday he was really sick.  Grump had to take Kuya to school, and pick him up later that afternoon, missing sizable chunks of work in the process.

Thursday afternoon Sweetie took Dodong to the doctor's office, where he was diagnosed with his third ear infection.   Later Dodong responded to this bad news by wailing all night, keeping Sweetie and Grump from getting much sleep.

So once Friday morning rolled around, Grump was really in no condition to go to work.  He took Kuya to school, then worked just enough to make up for the time he missed Thursday.  

Fortunately the antibiotics were beginning to take affect, so Dodong felt well enough Friday to mostly sleep through the night.  We all slept well; in fact, Grump may have slept TOO WELL, for he woke up Saturday in a foul mood, and basically barked at everyone all morning.   By the afternoon he had recovered somewhat, but not before ruining everyone else's day.

So how about today?  Well, it started off poorly, with a 5:00 am call for Grump from work.  It seems the operators couldn't follow very basic instructions, and entered a data parameter in an incorrect format, causing a job to fail.  Grump had to drive in to work to help fix the problem.

Despite that, it was actually a fairly decent day for all of us.  Kuya played nicely with Dodong in the morning, and we had take out from Panera for dinner.  In between Grump and Sweetie alternated watching/holding Dodong.  

We did hit one small roadbump: in the late afternoon Dodong barfed all over himself and the car seat, which he happened to be sitting in.  We had given him some yogurt earlier to help counteract the effects of the antibiotics on his digestive system, and I guess that was a bad idea.  Phew!  Yogurt vomit is very, very stinky!

Grump is still trying to get his affiliate marketing business off the ground, without much success yet.  He wrote a short article on his experiences, "Novice Affiliate - Part 01", and uploaded a short video to YouTube.

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