Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 052

21/February/2015, Day 052.  Saturday.

First the great news: Dodong is recovering nicely from his latest ear infection.  Hooray for antibiotics!

Now the not so great news: Old Grump woke up in a foul mood, and bitched and grumbled all friggin' day!  This was despite sleeping in this morning, making up for all the lost sleep incurred on Wednesday and Thursday night.  

What seemed to set him off was the need to withdraw more money from our backup checking account.  That account is now hovering around $600; this is bad, because we make a monthly car payment of $400 from it.  In theory our income tax refund will soon appear in this account, giving us some breathing room, but until it does Grump will be one cranky, miserable old man.

 That Grump was so sour over finances didn't help Sweetie at all.  Sweetie is still mourning the passing of her Papa, and to listen to Grump's bitching and moaning just made her all the sadder and more withdrawn.  She needs someone to offer her some empathy and sympathy, not a running lecture on the nature of personal finances.

The money we took out of the bank this morning is going to Mindanao.  Papa's funeral is proving to be a popular attraction, (he was a very well liked man, and cool guy, so no wonder!), and we needed to send some money for more food and supplies.  

Despite her sorrow Sweetie was able to cook us a delicious lunch of pompano and rice.  We stuffed ourselves, then took a short walk around the neighborhood.  It wasn't bitter cold today like it's been recently, but it was still sorta cool, with nasty bits of chill when the wind kicked up.

In the late afternoon / early evening Grump "watched" the kids.  Kuya has begun to play very well with Dodong, which is a great thing, because Dodong really enjoys being with him.  

The other news is that Grump has tried his hand at affiliate marketing again.  So far he has been spectacularly unsuccessful, simply enriching marketing companies.  Hopefully he can figure out how to make this work before he runs out of money!


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