Friday, February 27, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 058

27/February/2015, Day 058.  Friday.

Today they passed out bonus checks at Grump's employer.  Woo hoo!!  Our creditors are doubtlessly very happy, because now they can be paid.

Well .... almost.  Even after the bonus check we still have a big chunk to pay off on the American Express card.  But Grump is really committed to NOT running it up again this year, and we think Sweetie is on board with that plan too, so with the Grace of God maybe this year we'll stay OUT OF DEBT for the first time in years.

Everybody here is doing well at the moment, but we really miss Lola.  She doesn't come back until April, which at this point seems a ridiculously long time away.

Dodong is sputtering away more and more these days.  He says, "da-da" frequently to Old Grump now, which melts his grumpy old heart.  Once Lola gets back she'll have to start teaching him Bisaya all over again, as we are speaking only English now.

Speaking of Bisaya, when Sweetie was on the phone with Lola tonight she had Kuya sing her the "Tong Tong Pakitong" song in Bisaya!  Kuya did a pretty good job for a Kano, much better than Grump could ever do.  Maybe Kuya is learning some Bisaya after all?    

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