Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 049

18/February/2015, Day 049.  Wednesday.

It was back to work for Old Grump, which was much easier that what Sweetie had to go through.  Lola arrived back in the Philippines today, so she had to take care of Kuya and Dodong all by herself.

Poor Dodong woke up with a slight head cold, and was cranky all day!  Sweetie had to bundle him and Kuya up and take Kuya to school in the bitter cold weather this morning.  Then when she got home, had to try to cook and clean while simultaneously soothing an irritable baby.  She would up cooking dinner with one hand, while she held Dodong in the other!

Sweetie is still dealing with the death of her Papa, Lolo.  The realization that he is gone is becomming stronger every day.  She tries not to cry in front of the kids, but she is very sad.

Caring for these two kids and climbing out of debt is going to be a big challenge for Grump and Sweetie until Lola comes back in mid-April.  Wish them luck, and keep them in your prayers!


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