Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 102

12/April/2015, Day 102.  Sunday.

Gosh it's great having Lola back here with us!  Today Sweetie and Grump were able to go shopping BY THEMSELVES, with no little ones tagging along.  No crying, no pleas for a cookie, or candy, or God-only-knows-what.  Just two adults talking in pleasant voices to each other, enjoying each other's company.

We did slip up and miss going to church today.  This was Grump's fault.  He really, really wanted to cut the grass, and insisted on getting started in the morning.  It's actually a good thing he did, because it started raining a bit as he was finishing, and by late afternoon the rain was heavy.

Not too much else is news here at the moment, other than the fact that Grump and Sweetie are much less stressed than they were before yesterday.  Never underestimate how much more difficult it is to raise two, (or more), chidlren than one child!

Here's a pic Lola took back in RM:

Blue skies over RM!

Yes, there are better, and more personal, pics from Lola's trip back home, but for the moment Sweetie won't let me post any of them.  So for today enjoy the pretty sky.

Goodnight all.

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