Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 109

19/April/2015, Day 109.  Sunday.

Sweetie was up most of the night, tending to a restless Dodong.  Why Dodong didn't sleep we don't know, (he's not ill), but he did fuss nearly all night.  And then at 5:00 am poor Kuya was awake again, coughing and choking with the miserable snot that's pouring out of his nose and down his throat.  To tend to Kuya, Sweetie had to wake up Lola, so that Lola could watch Dodong. Of the whole family, only Grump got sufficient sleep.  ("Sufficient" perhaps, but certainly not "abundant"!)

So the day started out poorly, with Sweetie being especially tired.  She was able to catch a short nap around 10:00 am, (yeah .... we missed church, again!), but she was still not her usual happy self.

Add to this the fact that it rained, HARD, all morning, and most of the day until early afternoon.  It was just a blah day, and we all needed a change to lift up our spirits a bit.

So Old Grump suggested that the five of us go see a movie.

The movie was expensive, almost an extravagance for us, and unfortunately the movie Grump picked wasn't exactly the most riveting one for kids to watch.  It is called "Monkey Kingdom", and since it is a Disney production, (okay, actually "Disneynature"), Grump just assumed it was a cartoon.  Wrong!  This is a live action film about a troop of real monkeys.  While very entertaining, and containing amazing camera work, it personifies the animals a bit too much for Grump's taste, and lacked sufficient WHIZ-BAM-BOOM!! to keep Kuya's six year old mind focused.  (Dodong could care less about this or any movie, and would fuss until one of us would take him outside the theater and walk around holding him.)  Still it is a good movie, and one I would recommend, with the above reservations.  And despite the poor movie choice, we all thoroughly enjoyed our outing, and felt it was most definitely worth the expense.
After the movie the weather had cleared up a bit, so we went to the mall again to walk about, looking at all the tempting clothes and consumer goodies that we can't afford at the moment.  Then Lola and Kuya were driven back home, and Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong went grocery shopping at Krogers, (coincidentally next to the movie theater), to get some milk and a few other items.

Now we're all back home, and one by one getting into bed.  Goodnight all.

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