Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 112

22/April/2015, Day 112.  Wednesday.

Today was Angel's day.  WE LOVE YOU ANGEL!

Let's mention the good things about today first, okay?

1. The weather was absolutely fantastic!  Clear skies, not too hot, slight breeze.  It was a day to celebrate being outdoors.

2. Grump was in class most of the day, (just like yesterday and Monday), so work was a lot easier for him than it has been recently.

Okay, now those nasty ol' bad things!

1. Grump, Kuya, Sweetie, Lola, and Dodong were inside almost the entire day.  (Grump and Kuya did try to fly his kite for a bit after Grump got home from work, but they were only outside 20 minutes or so.)

2. Dodong was still ill, and fussed through the entire night last night.  Sweetie and Lola barely slept; Grump got about three hours sleep.

3. As you know from yesterday's post, Kuya had an abscessed tooth.  The dental surgeon he saw this morning considered it bad enough that he pulled it on the spot!  He's now got some bridgework in his mouth.  (Six years old and already having bridgework!  Yuck!!)  So Kuya missed school, and was in some pain all day.

Sweetie was so tired that she let Lola cook dinner.  Lola did a good job this time; Grump and Kuya ate their supper without a single complaint.  In fact, Grump kinda liked it.  But don't tell Lola, or she might want to cook more often!

It's late, and we're all very, very sleepy, so goodnight all.  May you have sweet dreams.

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