Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 108

18/April/2015, Day 108.  Saturday.

The day started with the whole family climbing into Sweetie's car to go check out some nearby yard sales.  Sweetie and Lola bought some cool treasures; Grump and the kids stayed in the car.

After that excitement we dropped Lola and Kuya off at home, then Grump, Sweetie, and Dodong drove off to Sam's Club, in search of mangoes.  They actually had some today, (hooray!), so we bought four boxes of them, along with some other goodies we can't live without.  Also, Sweetie bought a few dresses for Cami, as it was her birthday today.

Back home we ate a little lunch, then wrapped Cami's gifts and headed down towards Warner-Robbins to attend her birthday party.  Cami is a VERY popular little girl!  It was standing room only in her parents house.

Back home after the party, we ate a very light dinner, (mostly sliced mangoes, with some rice for the Filipinos), then after relaxing a bit headed over to the Riverside Mall, to check out the two new stores there, PetSmart and Pier One Imports.

We have wanted to buy a large aquarium for quite a while now, but other expenses and debts keep delaying that dream.  So the stroll through PetSmart was a harmless.  Pier One, however, was a different story.  Poor Old Grump is gonna suffer for this store, because Sweetie has already spotted several items which we "need" to buy for the house, ASAP!  Sigh .....

We tried to go to bed early, as Kuya is having trouble staying asleep at night due to severe sinus congestion.  In fact, Sweetie had give him some benadryl at various times during the day to dry up his nose and help him breathe.  Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

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