Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 115

25/April/2015, Day 115.  Saturday.

Here in central Georgia it rained most of the day, and most of the time the rain was heavy.  Despite that, we got quite a lot of shopping and other chores done.

We took Sweetie's car to the Hyundai dealer for some maintenance, then we got tissue and other "essentials", (including some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, since Kuya was with us), at Target, and diapers, wipes, and mangoes at Sam's Club.

Grump, Sweetie, and Kuya arrived back home slightly damp, so we stayed inside with Lola and Dodong for a while until we dried off.

In the late afternoon Sweetie and Lola went to a baby shower, leaving Kuya and Dodong with Old Grump.  Miraculously all three survived their time together completely unscathed and untraumatized!

Once Sweetie and Lola arrived back home we headed over to Riverside mall for a very quick stroll, more-or-less dodging raindrops as we went from store to store.  Fortunately the heavy rain didn't start again until we were back home.

Then later in the evening both Grump and Sweetie decided they were "very hungry", so with Kuya in tow they went to Panera, where they ordered a late take-home snack, (flatbread sandwhiches for Grump and Sweetie; mac-and-cheese for Kuya.)

Once again it now is late, and time for all sensible folks to crawl in bed.  Goodnight all.

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