Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 111

21/April/2015, Day 111.  Tuesday.

Dodong is ill again, darn it!  We're all hoping he feels better tomorrow, because we really don't want to take him to the doctor one more time. * 

Poor Sweetie was up all night with him again.  And again, I have to express wonder and admiration that Sweetie is able to function on so little sleep.  Despite her extreme tiredness, she was able to cook some delicious chicken adobo for supper tonight.  Women are tough!

While Kuya seems to be getting over his cold nicely, he does have another problem: an abscessed tooth!  It started hurting him a bit Sunday, and by last night he was crying at bedtime.  Fortunately he had a dental appointment scheduled for today, and when the dentist saw him, he immediately scheduled him for another appointment tomorrow morning at the dental surgeon's office.  Poor Kuya!  It appears he will have to suffer through another tooth drilling.

Lola keeps rolling along, helping hold all of us together here.  She pulled some weeds from the yard today, and in defiance of the STUPID deer planted some cuttings out back.  Once the STUPID deer show up, we'll see if the Liquid Fence spray Grump purchased really keeps them away or not.

Grump has been spending lots of time on clickworker, as it appears he has finally found a way to make a reasonable amount of money online.  Not a HUGE amount, mind you, but at least more than the few pennies of a "rounding error" that he was earning early last summer.

If you too would like to give clickworker a try, Grump would be grateful if you joined up using his affiliate link: http://www.clickworker.com/become-a-clickworker?utm_source=765696&utm_campaign=CW4CW&utm_medium=email .  (That's a mighty long link, huh?)

That was our day.  We hope your day was good, and that tomorrow will be even better!

* -  In the first paragraph of this post, I was gonna write, "Please pray for Dodong", but I think a better sentiment would be, "Please pray for everybody!"  After all, God is omnipotent; he can take care of all of us without any effort at all.

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