Monday, April 13, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 103

13/April/2015, Day 103.  Monday.

Poor Grump!  He got pounded again at work today!  One of the applications he supports keeps abending, (in a test environment, fortunately!), due to cruddy test data.  It's driving him bonkers!

Now that we got that whining out of the way ......

Although rainy, it was nice and cool here in central Georgia.  Lola, just back from the Philippines, is actually cold!  Everyone just seems in such a better mood since Lola has returned!  Sweetie is considerably less stressed, which means the rest of us are less stressed too.  (You know how it goes - "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!")  Even Kuya seems noticably more relaxed.

Dinner was yummy pompano and rice, with pie for dessert.  Sweetie and Lola chose apple pie, while Grump went for the sour cherry pie.  Kuya stuck with his favorite, green tea ice-cream, while Dodong just enjoyed taking whatever bits of food he could grab, and smearing them on his face.

Who are these two pink poodle people?

Why it's Kuya and Sweetie, of course, posing at the Cherry Blossom Festival we went to almost a month ago now.  (Sorry for the cruddy photo.  Grump was the photographer, and, believe it or not, this was the BEST one he took.)  How time flies!

Goodnight all.

Oops ..... not so fast!  45 minutes after we got into bed Dodong began gagging, then procedured to vomit.  Ten minutes later he was vomitting again, and acting listless.  Sweetie got worried, and insisted we take him to see a doctor ..... NOW!

So Dodong, Sweetie, and Grump got into Sweetie's car and drove into town to the after hours pediatric clinic.  As it turns out Dodong was okay, but the doctor recommended we give him some Pedialyte for at least 24 hours.   So Grump drove Sweetie and Dodong home, then motored off to Krogers to pick up some Pedialyte.

Now everybody is finally back home, and hopefully we can all go to bed.  Goodnight again, all.

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