Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 105

15/April/2015, Day 105.  Wednesday.

It was a typical day for us.  Grump went to work; Kuya went to school; Dodong, Sweetie, and Lola stayed home.  Work was a little hectic for Grump, but then it's been that way for a couple weeks now.

Grump is taking a vacation day tomorrow, so once he got home things were more relaxed.  After dinner we planned to do some last minute shopping for Kuya's birthday party at school tomorrow, and then she did it: Sweetie picked up Grump's phone, and listened to the voicemail.  It was his work.  (Crud!)  Another job had failed.  (Double crud!)

Since he now knew of the message, he had to pay attention to it.  Grump called his Team Lead, and asked if it was okay if he started working on this latest problem in an hour and a half or so, as this would allow him to take Sweetie, (and Dodong!), shopping for the last minute birthday stuff.  His Team Lead agreed, and so the three of them did not cancel their shopping trip.

Grump did eventually drive into work, (his remote connection access STILL doesn't work, because the creepy people responsible for the remote access configuration STILL can't handle the latest release of the Trend Micro anti-virus software!), fix the problem(s), and come home.  But now it is late, and once again Sweetie got swindled out of "talking time".  (This is BIG deal, because as you gals know "talking time" is even more important to a woman than sex.)

So now Grump and Sweetie are going to chat a bit, before calling it a night.  Bye-bye!

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