Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 118

28/April/2015, Day 118.  Tuesday.

People complain about Monday being cruddy, but IMHO Tuesday is much worse.  Yeah, Monday is bad, but you're still kinda in a haze from the weekend, and the harsh reality that you're BACK AT WORK hasn't quite sunk in yet.  But by Tuesday there's no denying the fact that the weekend is dead and gone.

Kuya went to school, Grump went to work, and both survived as well as can be expected.  Actually Kuya is still young enough that school is enjoyable for him, I hope.  I liked school all the way through sixth grade.  But after that school absolutely SUCKED, until I got into college.

Back to the subject ..... (I seem to be meandering a lot tonight - have you noticed?).  It was a pleasant enough day in central Georgia.  Although it was supposed to rain, the skies stayed clear until well into evening.  Taking advantage of the nice weather all of us, (Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Grump, and Lola), went to the Riverside mall, and after puttering around here and there got some great deals at Gap.  If you don't know, Tuesday is a splendid day to shop at Gap, as they have all sorts of specials.

Sweetie is very pleased with the treasures she got tonight, most of which are for Kuya or Dodong.  (Though she did get a nice sweater for herself.)  But now she is anxious to go to bed, and wishes for me to finish up this post and shut down the PC!

Goodnight all.

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