Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 134

14/May/2015, Day 134.  Thursday.

Grump finally gave in and sold off $7,000.00 worth of stocks in our savings/retirement account to pay off our debts.  He justified this by saying that he might as well sell when the market is high.  This should pay off our American Express credit card balance, and give us a little buffer for the rest of the year.  Now .... the trick will be, can we discipline ourselves NOT to spend, spend, spend again, or six months from now are we going to be in debt again?

The other noteworthy event of the day was that after dinner Grump mowed the lawn, in the heat.  He had to cut it today, because as soon as Kuya's graduation ceremonies are over tomorrow, we're leaving for Savannah for two nights.  We'll be coming back home late Sunday afternoon.

Yes, this will be an expensive trip, but we've prepared ourselves psychologically for the expenses.  And now that we will have $7,000.00 to help us pay the bills, it should be more enjoyable.

Goodnight all.

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