Monday, May 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 136

16/May/2015, Day 136.  Saturday.

We woke up early, got dressed, (duh!), and headed down to the dock to catch the ferry boat into town.   Here are Lola, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong on the boat:

Once in town we walked around a bit, then got a good breakfast at a place called Henry's on Drayton Street.  It's a buffet.  The fresh fruit was really good, as was the bacon, which was cooked just perfectly.  We ate like we hadn't eaten in a week, stuffing ourselves full of food.

After that we walked through downtown, checking out buildings and stores.  We walked and walked and walked ......

..... and every now and then rested for a bit, then soon set off walking again:

Eventually we made it to Forsyth Park:

Now Grump had the brilliant idea to eat at a sandwhich shop he read about at the southern end of Forsyth Park, so we trudged all the way there, only to find a natural foods store, (Brighter Day Natural Foods), instead of a restaurant.  We got smoothies there, but let me warn you: unless you enjoy drinking liquified celery, parsley, and kale, you may not like them.  (These aren't "junk food" smoothies!) As it turns out, had we continued down Bull Street we would have found the restaurant Grump was looking for.

After the smoothies we walked back thru a farmer's market in Forsyth Park, then caught the FREE (!) bus back to River Street, where after a brief wait we caught the ferry back to our hotel.

Now it was swimming time!  Sweetie, Kuya, and Grump all went swimming for about an hour, while Lola stayed with Dodong. 

After swimming we got ourselves dressed again, then went back downtown via the ferry again to get dinner.  Once again we walked all the way from River Street to Forsyth Park, this time to have dinner at the incomparable 700 Drayton.  This is a fine dining restaurant, and while it costs a pretty penny, (we paid about $155.00!), it is worth the cost.  Sweetie had what has to be the best fish she's ever eaten in her life, and Lola's shrimp and polenta, (not grits!), was devine. 

Once dinner was over we skipped the bus and walked all the way back to River Street.  Then it was back to the hotel, where after Sweetie and Grump spent a little "couple time" down by the river, we went to bed early for a well deserved rest.

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