Friday, May 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 142

22/May/2015, Day 142.  Friday.

The brakes on Sweetie's car are malfunctioning again!  The ABS sensor is on, and the "EBS Off" light is on.  GRR!!!  This means we'll have to take the car back to the dealership yet again.  GRRR!!!!

This all started with an oil change we got about a month ago.  Grump had the guys at the dealership do a safety inspection, and they said we needed new brakes.  Okay, so we went ahead and got that work done.  Then we had to take the car back because the ABS sensor was on.  Then we had to take the car back because the air-conditioning broke.  Now the ABS sensor is on again.

It will be interesting to see how this latest issue resolves itself, because the car's brakes worked fine BEFORE they started messing with them!

On to more pleasant things ......

It's a three day weekend!  Hooray!!  Tomorrow we plan on driving to Callaway Gardens, which is about two hours away, (assuming Sweetie's car doesn't break down on the way!).  There are lots of cool kid-friendly things to do there, so we're hoping Kuya really enjoys it.  The rest of us should have a good time too.

Tonight Grump, Sweetie, and our friend Joyce drove to Warner Robins.  We intended to go to the Filipino store there, but it was closed, so we made due with the Vietnamese store, (which was less icky than normal), then stopped at the Korean store before heading home.

Now it is late, and we all want to get up early tomorrow to go to Callaway Gardens, go I must bid you adieu.  Goodnight all.

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