Monday, May 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 144

24/May/2015, Day 144.  Sunday.

We got up early, and decided to skip church.  Instead, we went for a walk at the nearby Ocmulgee Indian Mounds.

After our walk we lay around, napping and even, in the case of Old Grump, sleeping and snoring.  Then in mid-afternoon we went shopping to Lowe's and Walmart, looking for plants and seeds to give to Lola for her garden.  (It's only proper to call it her garden now, as she is doing most of the work on it!)  Once we got home Lola immediately set to work planting and potting and watering and spiffing up the decorative plants around the front door, and the garden beds out back.

Old Grump's one and only task was to spray the newly planted arrivals with Liquid Fence.  Would you believe he forgot to do this!

Dinner for Grump and Sweetie, (with a few bites for Dodong), was some chicken basil empanadas and chicken potstickers we bought at Fresh Market, along with slices of watermelon.  Lola, (who apparently misses eating fish heads and miscellaneous unpronounceable animal parts), and Kuya eat had a McDonald's hamburger, WITHOUT pickles or onions.  (Kuya did get some cheese on his.)  So while the rest of the family eats delicious gourmet fare, those two will stick to bland fast food.  To each their own!

As we were all still a bit tired from our big adventure in Callaway Gardens, Sweetie insisted we go to bed early.  She didn't meet much resistance!


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