Monday, May 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 137

17/May/2015, Day 137.  Sunday.

This was our last day in Savannah, Georgia.

Just like yesterday, we got up early, but this time instead of riding the boat over to downtown, we packed up the car, checked out of our room, and drove across the Talmadge Memorial bridge.  Once downtown we found a place to park, then walked around looking at the city some more, and also for a place to eat breakfast.

We settled upon the Funky Brunch Cafe on Broughton Street, and it was a fortuitous choice.  Kuya had yummy chocolate pancakes, Sweetie had a very yummy smoked salmon omlet, and Grump had an extremely yummy veggie omlet.  (Yeah .... I forget what Lola ate, but she ate it all up!)  Now it wasn't cheap, (nearly $60.00 including tip), but it was very, very good! 

After breakfast we walked some more, all the way to River Street, and bought some candy and ice cream.  It was a long walk back to Broughton Street, and by now we were ready for lunch, so we stopped in at The District Cafe & Eatery for a light lunch.  While the food was very good, this was the only restaurant where the waitstaff were a bit surely.  Maybe they were having a bad day, but I felt like, (to paraphrase John Cleese), they could run a perfectly fine restaurant if only it weren't for the customers!
 We have many pleasant memories of our brief Savannah trip.  We all had a blast, even Grump, as evidenced by this pic:

We even managed to get a picture with all of us in it, standing outside Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons restaurant.  (Grump is reflected in the window.)

Sweetie even got to meet Paula Deen!  (Well ..... at least her likeness.)

While not the cheapest destination in the world, we think Savannah is worth a visit, if nothing else for the fantastic food.  You don't have to spend as much money as we did to have a great time. If you're willing to stay outside the city hotels are much more reasonable, and you don't have to eat at fine dining restaurants every night!  Besides, walking around looking at the pretty buildings is free!

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