Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 150

30/May/2015, Day 150.  Saturday.

As threatened, Sweetie made us all go to SDA Sabbath worship services this morning.  Grump and Kuya survived; heck, they probably even learned something, (but won't admit it!).

After church we ate a HUGE lunch at home, then just rested and napped for several hours.  Finally in the late afternoon we shrugged off our sluggishness and went for a walk at the Riverside Mall.

We bought clothes for Dodong and Kuya at Gap, ($80.00), and Belk, ($50.00), then after browsing at Barnes & Noble for a while bought some books, ($30.00).  So just like that  -  POOF!  - another $160.00 goes up in smoke.  No wonder we can't pay off our credit cards.

Dinner was ..... well, we were still so full from our HUGE lunch that we just ate some pretzels at the cookie and pretzel store at the mall. 

Back home, we all just relaxed a bit more, then went to bed.  A happy, unstressful day comes to a close!

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