Monday, May 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 138

18/May/2015, Day 138.  Monday.

After our exciting weekend, it was a blah back-to-work Monday for Grump.  Sweetie and Lola had their troubles too, as Kuya is now on summer vacation, and out of school until mid-August.  Keeping him occupied and out of trouble will challenging,

After all that walking in Savannah Grump, Sweetie, and Lola were tired and sore today, especially Grump.  Kuya, on the other hand, acted as if nothing unusual had happened.

Dinner was almost as good as our Savannah dinners.  Sweetie cooked up some baked pompano stuffed with green onions.  It was served over rice, and was absolutely delicious.  Desert was some fresh sliced mangoes.

I feel like in our descripions of our Savannah trip poor Dodong wasn't mentioned as much as the rest of us, so here are some pics of him enjoying the city scenery:


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