Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 135

15/May/2015, Day 135.  Friday.

As has been happening lately everytime Grump takes a vacation day, our day got off to an early start with a 4:00 am call to Grump from work.  GRR!!!!  Fortunately this was quickly taken care of, and the day proper began.

First it was off to school to watch Kuya's Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  After a brief muscial, Kuya received his diploma:

While Dodong stayed interested in the show, Grump nodded off a bit.  (Cut the old man a break!  He had been awake since 4:00 am.)

After the graduation ceremony we packed up the car and headed to Savannah, Georgia, for a weekend vacation.   I-16 was under construction in various places between here and there, so the driving was a bit tense, but with the Grace of God we all arrived okay.

Lola, Sweetie, and Dodong were dropped off in downtown Savannah to do some shopping, while Kuya and Grump drove off to the hotel.  We were staying at the Westin on Hutchinson Island, and for some reason when trying to get on the Talmadge Memmorial bridge Grump wound up going west on I-16 instead of east.  So it took the two of them FOREVER to finally get to the hotel.

After checking in and bringing some bags up to the room, they were supposed to catch one of the Savannah Belles ferry boats over to the riverfront shopping area along River Street to meet Lola, Sweetie, and Dodong.  Of course they missed the boat, so an additional 45 minutes passed before all of us were together again.

Sweetie and Lola were shopped out, which is understandable, as they had been walking up and down River Street for almost three hours!  So we decided to get an early dinner, and by luck stumbled upon the The Olde Pink House.

Although we did not have reservations our luck held out and we were able to get a table downstairs in the tavern.  The food was superb!  Grump had the best flounder he's ever eaten, with a crispy skin.  Even Dodong was happy, as he was treated to several very sweet orange slices.

Yes, it was expensive ..... $134.00 with tip, which went straight on the American Express card.  (We'll worry about vacation expenses when the bill comes!)

After dinner we walked around downtown a bit, then took the ferry back to the Westin.  Thanks to the unnecessarily early start to the day we were all tired, so we all went to bed early and were soon sound asleep.

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