Friday, December 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 352

18/December/2015, Day 352.  Friday.


Kuya finished up Christmas Camp at school, and Grump ground out another week of work.   But now it's Friday night, and we all have two wonderful weekend days to play with.

Despite the fact that Grump has been steadily employed now for more than ten, (10!!), years, we are still racking up quite a lot of debt.  (GRRR!!!!)  Grump and Sweetie have seriously begun discussing ways to handle this mess.  While some of their solutions seem very exotic, (chuck everything and move to the Philippines), they do have a very good first step, which is sell the condo.  Grump may be correct when he states that long term it is a good investment, but in the short term the cash flow problems that arise when the tenants move out just kill us.

The plan is that in January Grump will contact the realtor, and we will list the condo and try to get the silly thing sold.

Meanwhile ..... on his last day of Christmas Camp, Kuya made a wonderful gingerbread house.

Kuya's House .....

..... made of Gingerbread

Is it as Yummy as it Looks?

Later in the evening Kuya and Grump had a meeting of the minds, or at least the noses .....

Eye to Eye?

While Sweetie played Candy Crush Saga!

Clear All the Candy!

Goodnight all!

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