Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 364

30/December/2015, Day 364.  Wednesday.

After six glorious days of liberty, Grump had to return to work today.  This made him, well ..... grumpy!

It was also another rainy day here in central Georgia.  In fact, with the rain today we have set a local record for the most rain in the month of December.  How about that!

Along with all our other bills and financial challenges, the prolonged rain has leaked through a bit in our living room ceiling.  It's not a bad leak, (yet!), but we are going to have to get this mess fixed, which will be expensive.  How we can afford it is anyone's guess, as we are already running a deficit for the year.

As the year and our savings begin to run out, we look forward to next year, and new opportunities. We hope your new year will be healthy and prosperous, and that great things will happen to you!

Time to dream of the future.  Goodnight all!

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