Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 357

23/December/2015, Day 357.  Wednesday.

In reverse order ........

After the icky dinner, with their tummies still angry and rumbling, Sweetie and Grump stayed up until nearly midnight, loading Mama Sue's pics onto her newly purchase super thumb-drive.  (Mama Sue had almost 2,000 pics on her cellphone, all the way back to 2013!  She had filled up her memory, and was unable to take any more pics.)

For some unknown reason we decided to eat dinner at the Mexican restaurant on Bass Road in North Macon near Publix.  It was yucky.  We knew things weren't going to work out so well when, as we were being seated, one of the managers there dropped a knife and fork on the floor, then simply picked them up and PUT THEM BACK ON OUR TABLE!  Icky, icky, yuck, yuck!

Grump Examing his Food

Dodging was Unimpressed

With all the extra holiday shopping traffic, Grump had a difficult drive home from work, but once he got home he had a pleasant surprise: fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Sweetie and Lola had cooked them during the afternoon.  (We should have just had the cookies for dinner!)

Yummy, Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Grump survived another day of work, but now, with vacation time and Christmas, he won't have to go back to work until next Wednesday.  Hooray!!

Grump's Computer Screen at Work

Grump at Work

While Grump toiled away at work, Kuya and Dodong played nicely together.  We are very, very happy with the way Kuya interacts with Dodong, being patient and tolerant of his younger brother.

Dodging and Kuya Playing
We work up a bit late, causing Grump to rush around to try to get to work on time.  (He was late, but mostly due to crazy traffic.)

It rained and rained all night long, with the rain continuing through most of the morning.

Goodnight?  Good Morning?

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