Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 356

22/December/2015, Day 356.  Tuesday.

Sweetie did NOT barf today, which already makes the day a huge improvement over yesterday.  Also, Grump was not as miserable at work, (he hates Mondays!), and Kuya had a visitor.  His friend Mattie came over to visit while her Mama went to the doctor.  Please pray for Mattie's Mama.  She is going through some very difficult health issues at the moment, and needs y'all's support.

Dinner was some delicious chicken noodle soup Sweetie made, topped off with a "young greens" salad seasoned with the designer balsamic vinegar and oil Sweetie and Grump bought over a week ago.

After dinner Sweetie and Grump went shopping again, to buy small gifts for some of the kids they forgot to buy gifts for last night.  They really, really, really hope they remembered everybody now, as there would be nothing worse than not having a gift for every kid that shows up at Mama Sue's Christmas party.  Of course, while shopping they just had to buy some doughnuts!

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas.  Will Grump remember to buy Sweetie a Christmas gift this year?

Goodnight y'all.

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