Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 354

20/December/2015, Day 354.  Sunday.

OMG!  Miss Philippines is in the top three for the Miss Universe contest!  And so is Miss USA, who is from just down the road in Warner-Robins!  Stay tuned!!

Remember the gingerbread house Kuya made a few days ago.    Kuya and Grump have been nibbling away at it, and it's looking pretty ragged right now.

What Happens to a Gingerbread House 

Poor Gingerbread House!

Today was a very big day for Kuya, as he got to sing at our church.

We go to the Filipino American Christian Fellowship, which is held in the basement of the Avondale Baptist Church south of Macon, (across the street from Smiley's Flea Market).  It's a small but active congregation of mostly filipinos, with a few "Kano" spouses, such as Old Sweaty Grump, thrown to stir things up a bit.

Pastor Jude

Dodong and Sweetie

Lola and Kuya, who still grimaces instead of Smiling.  We got to church early, so the empty chairs were soon filled.

Kuya performed "Frosty the Snowman"

Dodong watching his brother

Three Pretty Ladies Sang

All the Kids Singing

Kuya was also part of a Trio

Singing or Flirting?
 After we got home from church we had visitors.  Mama Sue came over with her grandkids, Kuya's friend Brody and his sister Camie, then Laura came over with little Isaiah, then finally our neighbor Miss Lilly popped in for chat.  While all this was going on Grump had a good time too, sleeping in the bedroom!

Okay, the Miss Universe contest is over and the winner is .......... oh poop!  It's Miss Columbia.  Darn it!  I really thought either Miss USA or Miss Philippines was gonna win.

WHOA.  WAIT A MINUTE!  The host screwed up!  The winner is actually MISS PHILIPPINES!!

Oh man!  What a turkey!  I'm ecstatic for Miss Philippines, but I feel bad for Miss Columbia.

Goodnight all.

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