Monday, June 20, 2016

2016/June/19 - VBS Celebration

Today we went to a neighborhood church for the "Vacation Bible School Finale".  Kuya had been attending VBS every day for the week prior, and now we got to watch him and the other children perform a little celebration for us.

The theme of VBS this year was "Cave Quest", or something like that.  The church had decorated several of their rooms, and one of their stairways, to look like caves.

Kuya standing at the entrance to a "cave"

Kuya performing on stage with the other kids

Dodong watching his brother perform

Later in the afternoon, after we came home and rested a bit, we had folks, (Mama Sue, Paster Jude, their kids and their grandkids), come over to visit.

Sweetie about to chase Old Grump out of the kitchen

Little Charlie and Pastor Jude

It was another fun day, even if a tired Old Grump went to bed before any of our guests left!  (What are we going to do with that Old Grump?)  But no one seemed to mind; they know Old Grump needs his beauty rest!

Peace y'all!

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