Friday, June 24, 2016

2016/June/22 - Another Hump Day

I'm not sure what Old Grump is excited or upset about, but it was just another hump day for all of us.

Maybe he was upset about the dwindling supply of jackfruit?

The last of the Jackfruit

Enough speculation as to cause of Grump's hysteria - bring on the WonderPolls!

1. Which would you rather have happen: a) your ankle is broken by a tipped-over semi, or b) your wrist is broken by hundreds of stampeding cows?

Uh ..... how about neither?  If I had to choose, I guess the semi?

60% of respondents agreed with me, and chose the semi.

2.  If no one buys a ticket to see a movie at the theater, do they still play the movie?  "Yes", "No", or "Never thought of that".

With everything being automated these days, I would assume that "Yes" is the correct answer.  However, only 25% of respondents agree with me.  13% chose "No", and 62% chose to not chose at all, admitting that thought is an activity they don't frequently engage in.

3.  Do you listen to music with one headphone on or both?

Both of course!  Oddly enough, 21% of folks claim to use only one headphone.  Maybe they're deaf in one ear?

Peace y'all!

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