Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016/June/23 - Another Work Day

It was pretty much just another week day, with Old Grump away working to continue to pay for the circus back home.

Nothing phenomenal, good or bad, happened.  Grump's "tea of the day" was some bottled iced tea:

I suppose it is time for some WonderPolls!

1.  Would you rather think out loud for the rest of your life, or show the world your browsing history?

I'd much rather have the world see my browsing history, as the, uh ..... "perversity" of my imagination  has no limits!  68% of you agree with me, while 32% would risk thinking out loud.  Good luck with that!

2.  If happiness was the national currency, what would make you rich?  a) true love, b) helping people, c) a boat, or d) I don't want to be happy.

"A boat"?  Good grief!  10% of y'all are nuts!  Haven't you ever known someone who owned a boat, and how much work and expense is involved?

Anyway, "true love" would make me, (and does make me!), rich beyond measure!  This was the most popular choice, at 56%.  Next was "helping people", picked by 27% of respondents.

7% of y'all are apparently miserable, and want to stay that way.  You may as well buy a boat!

3. If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you weak or strong?

Uh ..... doesn't that depend on WHERE you punch yourself?  But let's assume you're punching yourself on the arm.  If it hurts, I'd say you're strong.  But guess what ...... most folks disagree with me!  65% of respondents claim that if you punch yourself and it hurts, you're weak.


 4.  Which is most important when sleeping?  a) cold pillow, b) soft blanket, c) having a fan on, or d) complete darkness?

Years ago I would have readily chosen "d", complete darkness, but over the years I've gotten more and more used to sleeping in more and more light, such that now I can sleep with the lights on.  I'd agree with "c" if the question had included, "when it's hot outside", but during the winter when it's cold out the last thing I want is a fan running!

I guess if forced to pick now, I'd opt for "b", a soft blanket.

Showing that there were no "good" answers, the responses were pretty much split evenly between the choices.  The winner was "a", (really?), with 31%.  Next was "b" with 25%, followed by "d" with 23%, and then "c" with 21%.

Does a cold pillow really help you sleep?

Peace y'all!

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