Monday, June 27, 2016

2016/June/27 - Monday Again

It was Monday again, so Grump had to wake up before dawn and make the long, long drive halfway across the state to start another dreary work day.  How do you feel about that, Grump?

Actually, it seems the longer Grump works, the further his retirement seems to drift away, like a ship that has left port heading out for the open ocean.  How do you feel about that, Grump?

Okay, so there's nothing really funny about not being able to retire.  But this is a common problem; Grump knows that he certainly isn't the only person in this predicament.  But when he thinks about WHY he has to continue working, the burden is lighter.

C'mon Dad!  Keep plugging away at that job of yours!

We work to support those we love who need our support.  When we think about it this way, then we are only too happy to work, and thank God that we still have a job!

(Grump gives me a nudge, and says to not go overboard here.  Work is still a pain!)

On a more pleasant topic ...... a key utensil got a bath today.  I am speaking, of course, of Grump's tea mug, which had been accumulating guck and grime since he started this job several months ago.  He finally took it to a sink and washed it out, even using soap!

A Clean Mug

A clean mug is a happy mug!


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