Monday, June 20, 2016

2016/June/20 - Back to Work

The moon shining bright, next to a streetlight, as Grump leaves for work
Monday, Monday, Monday!  It's that day when Old Grump has to get up in the wee hours before dawn, and drive half-way across the state to go to his job.  But we aren't complaining.  His job keeps the ATM primed, and besides, we don't need to complain anyway.  Grump does enough of that for the whole family!

But the real trauma of the day belonged to Kuya, who had to go to the "ouch dentist" to get a tooth drilled.  Dentists won't give children the full blast of pain killers that they give adults, (I guess they consider that us adults are already pretty much brain dead, so loosing a few more neurons won't harm us?), so it is very much more painful for a child to have a cavity drilled out than for an adult.

Poor Kuya!

Kuya looking anxious as he waits his turn at the "ouch dentist"

Despite this, he went to karate class in the evening, and he did okay.  Way to be tough, Kuya!

Peace y'all!

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