Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016/June/28 - Brief Visit Home

It was Tuesday, and Old Grump was stranded in Columbus again.  Work was quiet, too quiet, (ominously quiet!), so he spent most of his day finding ways to pass the time.

Per demands from his co-workers, he had to eat his lunch downstairs, as Kanos apparently can't handle the odor of reheated red snapper!

Grump's Lunch of Rice, Veggies, and chopped up Red Snapper, (skin included!)

Back at his desk after lunch, Grump treated himself to some polvoron:


Then, before leaving Columbus, he made sure to invest some money in his "retirement account":

Grump and Sweetie had made the joint decision that Grump would come back home tonight.  Since it was Tuesday, traffic was light, but once Grump got on I-75 near Byron it began to rain like the Dickens, and the drive turned treacherous.  But Grump made it home in one piece - hooray!

Meanwhile, Dodong and Kuya got haircuts!  (Kuya doesn't seem too happy with his!)

Haircuts for the boys

When Grump got home to our house, it was dark.  The storm he had driven through had knocked out the power in parts of Bibb county, where we lived.  So we all packed in his car and headed off to Walmart for a bit, to do a little shopping and enjoy the air-conditioning.  Fortunately by the time we got back home the power had come back on.


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