Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016/June/21 - Grandpa's Birthday

Today was Grandpa's birthday!  He is now ..... well, very old, but in great shape, thank God!

To celebrate his birthday Grump sent him a pic.  Don't you think Grandpa is proud of his son?


The tea strainer Grump bought on Saturday is working out pretty well.  Fussing with loose tea at work is more of a hassle than just plopping in a tea bag, but loose tea is so, so much better tasting!

Grump's new tea strainer

I suppose the exciting part of the day was the food Sweetie packed for Grump.  First off he had some roasted beets, tomatoes, and chicken.

The remnants of the roasted beets, tomatoes, and chicken

Next was some edamame, which at first he ate plain, then added roasted black edamame and roasted pumpkin seed to.  Yummy!

Plain edamame

Edamame with "additives"


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