Monday, June 27, 2016

2016/June/26 - Still Hot

Although it cooled off a bit from yesterday, (which was BRUTAL!), it was still hot today, and very muggy.  We tried to spend as much time inside as possible.

The boys found some sunglasses, and had to show us how cool they are!

Whilst shopping for food at a local grocery store, (Krogers), we noticed they had some really cool banana plants on sale.  We bought one, then, since it needed a pot, headed over to Lowes to buy some nice pots, and dirt.  (Yes, we BUY dirt!)  So all-in-all we spent about $45.00 on supplies for a $6.00 plant!  (And I wonder why we are always in debt?)

Of course there were some plants on sales at Lowes that we determined we couldn't live without, so we bought them too!

Our new banana plant

Our New Plants from Lowes

A view of some of our plants, new and old

It was still pretty darn hot when we were at Lowes, as you can tell from this pic:

Despite the heat, our garden in the backyard continues to produce.  Here are just one day's harvest of green beans.

The beans are from the garden; the mangoes are from the grocery store

The tomato plants produced another crop, even though we had harvested them just yesterday:

Peace y'all!

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