Monday, June 27, 2016

2016/June/25 - HOT!

Wow, was it ever HOT today!  98 - 100 degrees fahrenheit, (that's about 37 for you celsius folks), depending on which way you faced.  Ugh!

Lola and Sweetie were up early, (to beat the heat), and hit the garage sale circuit.  They brought home lots and lots and lots of treasures, most of it being clothing which they got for less than $1.00 per item.  And many of this clothing still had the store tags on!

Lola and Sweetie showing off some of their loot

"New" clothes strewn across our living room floor

Of course, now that they own all this "new" clothing, they need something to store it in.  So off to Walmart went Sweetie and Grump, to purchase a pair of paradors.  Well, technically they were orocans, (we can't afford paradors!), but you get the idea.

A Pair of Paradors

Having learned from his past misadventures with orocan transportation, Grump listened to Sweetie this time and put them in the car properly, so the orocans arrived home without incident.

As you can see from the following photos, Lola is fairly well adapted now to life in the USA.

Lola and Kuya playing on the internet

Lola has even begun to adopt an American pose when sitting:

Sitting like a Kano!

Finally, our tomato plants continue to pump out the tomatoes.  Here is a small harvest from this morning:


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