Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016/June/29 - Back to Work

The kids were restless last night, so neither Grump nor Sweetie got a whole lot of sleep, but they were able to get enough to be functional.  Which is fortunate for Grump, since he had to drive across the state to Columbus, to be at his work desk by 8:00 am.

It was another ominously quiet day at work for Grump, who is beginning to wonder whether this job is going to last or not.  If he does get laid off life will become interesting for us very, very quickly, as we can't even pay the bills now when he's employed.  Stay tuned!

Back home, Sweetie made an unfortunate discovery: one of Grump's "breakfast jars" had broken:

A broken "breakfast jar"

This stinks, because now we are down to one jar for Sweetie to use to make Grump his oatmeal-yogurt-chia seed breakfast in.  I suppose we'll have to buy a replacement this weekend.

Kuya's friend Mr. B came over to play after lunch.  They got along better today than they usually do, perhaps because Mr. B's Mama brought over a video for them to watch.

Meanwhile, back in Columbus Grump had a delicious lunch of pompano and rice:

Pompano and Rice.  Yummy!!

Later this afternoon he had a snack: some baked, seasoned tofu that Sweetie had made for him.

Seasoned baked tofu, with a banana and tea

After eating all this food, (and some other little snacks), he is so stuffed that he will probably skip dinner tonight.


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