Thursday, June 8, 2017

01/June/2017 - Now Grump Has Spots Too!

Uh oh ...... guess who woke up this morning with spots on his legs?

Before we answer that question and find out who is also suffering from a slight case of the "poultry pox", let's see just what Sweetie and Lola pulled out of the garden today.


That's right ..... they got a nice harvest of potatoes from the potato plant they had put in the corner of the garden.  The plant itself gave up the ghost once it started to get hot here, but it still gave us a nice bunch of potatoes.

Here are those same potatoes, washed up and made to look pretty:

Potatoes after a bath

Sweetie also harvested a nice crop of cherry tomatoes, which she chopped up for a salad:

Chopped Cherry Tomatoes

Now ..... back to the question we asked at the beginning of this post, namely, who woke up with spots on his legs?  Why none other than the Old Grump, of course!

Grump's spotted calves

Poor Grump!  In addition to the spots, and an associated low-grade fever, he has diarrhea.  (Which started for him just last night.)  Dodong has had diarrhea as well, so we assume that it is a symptom of whatever cruddy virus has infected the two fellows.

Grump has had bad run-ins with the Herpes family of viruses before, so he sure hopes this infection isn't too long lasting and serious.


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