Thursday, June 15, 2017

04/June/2017 - Can You Drive?

It was a quiet Sunday.  We were all still recovering and relaxing from the wild madness of the great Philippines excursion, so not much was done or attempted.

We did go shopping, and whilst at the store Dodong demonstrated his driving prowess.

It's a shame he couldn't transfer some of this knowledge over to Grump, because later that afternoon the old guy got distracted, and backed his car into one of Sweetie's pots!

Grump's car with smudges from one of Sweetie's pots

He was so flustered by all this that when he took pics of the pot, (to show that he DID NOT crack it, thank God!), he stuck his thumb in the way of the lens.

The "bumped" pot.  (And Grump's thumb!)

Another view of pot and thumb

But all's well that ends well: Sweetie was able to wash the red smudges off Grump's car, and the white smudges off her pot.  The pot is intact, and the plants inside it certainly didn't seem to mind getting bumped.


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