Thursday, June 15, 2017

09/June/2017 - A BAD Day!

Today was a bad day.  A VERY BAD day!

Sadly, it should have been a wonderful day, as Grump got off work early, and had a safe and uneventful drive home accompanied by very light traffic, and abundant sunshine.  What a great way to start a weekend, no?

But ...... Grump had been obsessing about all manner of negative things the night before, and didn't sleep well at all.  So he was tired and in a foul mood all day long.

Sensing his self-inflicted misery, Sweetie sent him this nice screen shot:

Unfortunately it didn't help.  When Grump got home he was in an absolutely HORRID mood, and snapped and snarled at everybody.

Ugh!  Let's move past this awful day and on to better times, okay?


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